Old Peoples Riding Club
Old Peoples Riding Club | A riding club for the over 21 equestrian and for all disciplines!
" …for the learning experience, the fun, the camaraderie; not the ribbon, or the glory, but for the memories ..."
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About The Old Peoples Riding Club

Have you ever wondered how a person vaulted from the ground, seemingly skipping around, onto a cantering horse's back? The answer was provided at an OPRC clinic. We not only learned how to mount and dismount a moving horse properly, we actually stood on the horse, and a few members did gymnastic movements up there--sometimes with two members! Of course, we had to end our clinic with a champagne toast and tea sandwiches. Oh, it was glorious! Ever thought of swimming with your horse? No, not in a pool, but in the river or bay, on his back! Oops, all wet! What fun! Not only for you, but for your horse too! Then there are the beach races, I remember. We were all slippery from our swim, and then began at sitting trot--that's one race. Then we moved to the extended trot (yes, I'm serious here!), and then the grand dame of all, the canter. Heck, where did that wave come from? Every single person fell onto the sand roaring with laughter, some horses ran back to the trailer (safety) while others waited close by for their very sandy owners. This was followed by a feast for the riders and hay for our mounts. For the thrill-seekers, how about a ride in the Start Car at a harness race track? These horses literally breath down your neck, and you could reach out and touch them. Exhilarating? Absolutely! Well, you know what? You could do all of this and more as a member of an OPRC Chapter.

The above described events are just a few of the tremendously fun and confidence boosting activities the Formidable Founders Chapter has enjoyed. OPRC also hosts shows, clinics in dressage, jumping, and barrel racing, as well as countless covered dish dinners. There are 24 chapters across North America having a great time and learning more about their horses. If this sounds like fun to you, we hope you will join us!

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