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Old Peoples Riding Club | A riding club for the over 21 equestrian and for all disciplines!
" …for the learning experience, the fun, the camaraderie; not the ribbon, or the glory, but for the memories ..."
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Did You Know?

Three brave souls tackled the problem of developing a study sheet for us. They put in months of researching the questions and answers, then putting them all in a format that is useful when studying. On the left side of the page are the questions and on the right side are the answers. They designed the page so you could fold it down the center to hide the answers on the back side.

If you enjoy this educational material, please take the time to thank Betsy Burnett, our VP, Nancy Clarke from the Equinuts and Stephanie Kame from the Road Apple Gang for all their hours of volunteer time.

These questions are suitable for the D level.

Questions and Answers for Ds (right click "Save As" to download this file)


Questions and Answers for C-1 (right click "Save As" to download this file)

Educational Material

The Trail Safety Flyer. Submitted by Wimmer Lackey of Vintage Valley Chapter

The Novice Rider Etiquette Handbook

How to host a riding camp.    Submitted by Betsy Burnett with input from Katie Beasley from the Equestrians of Fine Vintage

First Aid For Fallen Riders     Submitted by the Piedmont chapter

Chapter Prospectus    Submitted by Betsy Burnett

How to host a judged trail ride   Submitted by the Freedom chapter

How To Host A Scavenger Hunt   Submitted by the Freedom chapter

Disaster Preparedness    Submitted by the Yakima chapter

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