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Old Peoples Riding Club | A riding club for the over 21 equestrian and for all disciplines!
" …for the learning experience, the fun, the camaraderie; not the ribbon, or the glory, but for the memories ..."
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Ratings FAQ
Ratings Tests

OPRC Ratings

We figure you found your way here for one of two reasons.

  • You need information to take a rating, or
  • You are not quite sure what the OPRC ratings are all about.


The answer to both of these questions, and many more, are available in the "Ratings FAQ" tab.  Let us assure you that OPRC does not use ratings to weed out the good from the bad or to mold you into a super rider.  Instead, we provide you an affordable way to obtain and demonstrate skills and knowledge, while safely having fun with your chapter members.  Also, the ratings tests can be accomplished by both English and Western riders, making them applicable to a broad range of members.


The only rating level we require is the D1.  This rating ensures you have basic horse knowledge and basic riding skills that allow you to ride safely in OPRC activities.  If you never take another rating, that is fine.  Our goal is to offer you the tools to further your equine education but not to demand it of you.